Tuesday, December 11, 2018

What I Got For My Second Baby That I Wish I Had With My First

I am currently 33 weeks pregnant with my second baby and finally starting to feel a little more prepared. The first time around, it seemed like we had everything plus the nursery set up basically the second we found out her gender. This time around feels a little more relaxed, as I have learned from experience that sometimes less is more. I have been taking my time to figure out what items will truly be helpful for me and the baby. I knew as soon as we started trying to get pregnant that a DockATot was going to be at the top of my list. It's one of those "I wish they made that when I was pregnant the first time" type of products. I received the DockATot Deluxe+ compliments of DockATot but all opinions are my own.

The idea behind the DockATot is what caught my interest and the reviews are what sold me. So many mothers rave about how this baby lounger has helped their babies sleep which is the one thing my first baby had problems with. She slept terribly and not just at night, naps included. Not only was it exhausting for me but I felt terrible that my baby wasn't able to sleep well for so many months. I tried what seemed to be everything in the book and nothing helped. Her little body finally figured it out and since, she has become a really great sleeper.

I never had that baby that "slept like a baby" so I am determined to get that the second time around. My plan is not to use the DockATot at night, but for him to lounge in during the day. I am hoping that it will be great for naps in the living room or on the bed while I'm folding laundry and cleaning. I love that I can move it to any place in the house so easily. I am also exciting about having the transport bag to protect it. We travel a lot so this will be extremely easy to take with us now. It will be perfect for those houses with hard wood floors, for the beach, and anywhere outside.

Event if it does not "help" my baby sleep better, it will be a great place for him to lay and play safely. I can already picture my oldest playing with him in it, as she loves to put her dolls in it already. DockATot offers a few accessories besides just the transport bag. They have the cutest printed covers and toy arches. They ALSO have a DockATot for those little ones to use once they grow out of this small one (how perfect)! No matter how you plan to use the DockATot, I am certain it will be helpful. So make sure to add it to your baby registry too!

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