Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Perfect Holiday Outfit For Your Picky Toddler

Holiday season is upon us, which is exciting in so many ways, until you start thinking about family photo sessions (cue the stomach drop and ear splitting shrieks). I would put money down, that if we did a survey on mothers and asked them their top 5 dreaded days of the year, family photos would be on that list. The struggle of getting your whole family to look the best they have all year, and be ON TIME is a nightmare.

If you have a new baby, the struggle is getting them to not throw up all over their outfit until the photographer at least snaps a few good shots. Or maybe you have a two-year-old, and can't get them to sit still for even one second. Then they turn three and they start becoming a little more independent which is great, until it comes to picking out clothes. It is a struggle to get my daughter dressed every day. She wants a dress and boots one day, ballerina slippers the next, and if I try to put a sweatshirt on her, I'm literally the worst mom ever. How dare I try and keep her warm!

All jokes aside, I wanted to create an outfit for the mom that just doesn't want to add pressure to an already stressful day. I wanted to create a look for their toddler that they BOTH could agree on for once. And maybe this exact look isn't for you, but maybe it will spark some other ideas.

To create the look, I started with something I know she would love to wear... a "tutu" skirt. This tulle skirt (similar one) fits the color scheme I was going for. I also think it's cute without looking too much like a costume. I paired this denim jacket with it which is made of a super soft and stretchy jean material but I knew that she would still be hesitant to put it on, so I had to make sure that the shirt underneath was soft and comfortable too. This red top is simple but again, fits the color scheme I was going for without making her throw a fit. The shoes are a fun statement piece. (I suggest going at least one size up) She loves them because they were part of her unicorn costume for Halloween. Another mom win. Lastly, and optional, hair accessories. She has a ton of bows so I picked the three that matched best and let her decide between those. Because she felt like she got to pick it out, she had no problem wearing it.

So maybe this outfit doesn't fit your style or your family's theme this year but I hope that you can take away a few helpful tips to make this year's photo session go a little smoother. Good luck mama.


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