Monday, April 10, 2017

The Easiest Way to Find the Perfect Pair(s) of Jeans

How it works:

2. Take their jean curator quiz (takes less than 5 minutes)
3. And wait... once you receive your 5 perfectly selected pairs of jeans, take up to 3 days to figure out which ones you would like to keep.
4. Complete the checkout process, through the link sent to you by email, by selecting the jeans you want to keep and pay for.
5. Place the jeans you are sending back, if any, in the prepaid shipping envelope and place it in your mailbox for pickup. 

YES, it is that easy! Throughout the quiz, you will answer questions regarding size and what style of jeans you like best or if there is a specific style you do not like. You also select your price range to keep things practical and so that there are no surprises.

My experience:

I never shop for jeans, simply because I can never find any that fit right. I had come to accept that there are no jeans that will fit me perfectly, especially when it comes to length. I always have to get my pants hemmed, no matter what the style is. The jeans I received from EUJEANCO surprised me, in a really great way. Every single pair fit me perfectly! Even the flares were the perfect length! And they sent me a perfect assortment of styles. I received one flare, one boyfriend fit, one white skinny, one dark jean skinny, and one faded black pair. I honestly cannot stop talking about how surprised I was by the fit on all of them. I GAVE UP on jean shopping, especially for skinny jeans and one of the pairs I selected to keep were a pair of skinny jeans! They are absolutely my new favorite pair. I am done with the frustrating experiences through jean shopping in stores and the guessing experience with ordering online. EUJEANCO is the future of jean shopping. Try it and I know you'll fall in love like I did.


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