Friday, December 30, 2016

Family Photo Session 2016

Family photo sessions are one of my absolute favorite things to invest in. You just can't put a price on memories and being able to capture them forever just makes my heart so happy. We tried a new photographer this time and we have fallen in love with her! If you live anywhere near Northwestern Tennessee, you need to get in contact with Jana! She not only is an amazing photographer but she made us feel so comfortable and somehow managed to get amazing shots of our not so cooperative daughter. 

Presley is normally pretty cooperative when it comes to taking photos but of course, this day, she was the total opposite. We unfortunately had to wake her up from her nap since the sun sets so early this time of year. She didn't want to smile, or look at the camera, or let us put her down. That's just the life of a two year old! I still wouldn't trade a single thing about this day. That's what I love about photography. I will now remember how independent and stubborn, at times, she can be. I will remember her grumpy face and how ticklish she is.

Surprisingly this was our very first family shoot! I couldn't believe that the last time we scheduled a professional session was for Presley's newborn photos, over two years ago. We have moved since then but still used a photographer in the same area. Our session was on December 1, 2016 and it got a bit chilly as the sun started to go down but overall it was a perfect day. It rained almost every day the week prior so I was very happy with clear skies! We listened to "Let It Go" for most of our session and even took a break to pet the tiny calves. Anything to make our little girl just smile! Honestly, I am just as in love with the non-smiling photos. Her face melts my heart no matter what.

The day Presley started saying "I lub you" seriously changed our hearts. She is turning into a mini combination of the both of us which is both scary and beautiful. I am beyond blessed to have these two in my life. I will cherish them and their unconditional love forever.


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