Sunday, December 11, 2016

10 Stocking Stuffers for Little Girls

1. Lip Balm - Our favorite is EOS brand. I love it because of how smooth it is and also because it's a little larger than most chapsticks so it doesn't get lost as easily. 

2. Shopkins - Like many, my daughter is OBSESSED with these little things. They come in small 2 packs that are perfect for stockings!

3. Pretend Make-Up Kit - This has been my daughter's new favorite toy to play with. The kit is adorable. It is fake so there is no mess or worry. The stocking stuffer kit includes:
- Eye Shadow Palette
- Silver Shimmer Glitter Pot
- Watermelon Red Lipstick
- Holiday Cosmetic Bag

4. Plush Doll - I never like buying my daughter stuffed animals. She is only two and somehow still already has about a million of them and only ever plays with like 3 BUT there are some things you come across that you just can't help but want for your little girl. This little doll fits perfectly in a stocking and is one that I know my daughter will adore. If you aren't into stuffed toys at all, there is an entire stocking stuffer section on her site. I am sure you will find something small and cute.

5. Bows - Since my daughter's first Christmas, I have put bows in her stocking. They are an inexpensive gift to help fill it up and an excuse for me to add more to her bow collection. 

6. Bubble Bath - This is also something I have, and will, continue putting in my daughter's stocking. Bubble bath is a fun gift for everyone! Tubby Todd has been our favorite and what we have used since my daughter was a baby. It's safe and gentle on her skin. There are many other options other than bubble bath on their site and their holiday packaging is absolutely adorable! 

7. Nail Polish - We got Piggy Paint as a gift from my sister when I was pregnant (clearly she was excited I was having a girl.) We finally just recently started using it now that she's old enough to sit still. She loves matching mommy and I love that it is free of formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates, biphenyl A, ethyl acetate and acetone. All of these chemicals are in most regular polishes but this one is water based! The brush is small for their tiny fingernails and there are an assortment of adorable colors to choose from. 

8. Socks - Socks are another inexpensive gift to help fill up a stocking and something every kid needs this time of year. We usually try to get no grip ones, our favorite are from Old Navy, but we have been loving these knee high ones for dressier outfits!

9. Band-Aids - A funny "gift" but is not every toddler obsessed with band-aids??? It's cheap and I know she'll gasp with excitement, so win-win. Another similar and fun idea alternative idea is stickers.

10. Books - My daughter has always loved books. She loves for us to read to her all day long and when we need a break she'll pretend to read to herself or just sit and look at the pictures. Every year we always find Christmas books to get for her in the beginning of the month but then I always like to find small books to put in her stocking that are good to read all year long. These BabyLit books are adorable. BabyLit is a fashionable way to introduce your toddler to the world of classic literature. These are books they will grow to love before being able to read the real thing!

**Also, in place of candy, I put fruit snacks and graham cracker pouches in her stocking. I hope that some of these ideas will help you fill up your little one's stocking or spark some new ideas of your own!


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