Friday, August 5, 2016

DIY Wooden Step Stool

We have been needing a step stool for quite some time now. Little miss is officially potty trained and washing her hands became more of a hassle and a mess than I was hoping for. This gave us that extra push to get started on one. I wanted a cute wooden stool so I did what anyone else would do, I searched Pinterest.  I came across this one that was even better than the idea in my head! We made a few modifications though.

Instead of using one piece of wood we used a
  • 1x8x3(oak) for the tops
  • 1x8x4(poplar) for the sides
  • 2x3x6 for the trim pieces and back
**Make sure to be aware where you are putting the pocket holes so that they are on the inside.

 The finished product is perfect! It's the perfect height and my daughter loves it so much that she asks to wash her hands every five minutes. A DIY that everyone loves!


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