Wednesday, July 13, 2016

[Bookroo] A monthly book subscription

We have been reading to our daughter since the day she was born and at almost two years old now, she has truly grown to love books. What's better than new books for your kiddos every month? New books sent straight to your door. We used to take her to the store and pick them out but it's also something that sometimes gets forgotten about. Bookroo is a subscription program for kids ages newborn to six. A package that they get to unwrap and is educational means it's a definite win-win. We love the excitement she gets from unwrapping something that is for HER and she always gets excited about new books.

Each box contains 3 books and there are two options to choose from when on their site. You can choose board books for the younger ones or picture books for older children. There is also a "gift a box" option which is such an adorable idea. As parents, we understand the importance of reading to our children on a daily basis. It not only helps teach them colors, numbers, and shapes, it helps build listening, memory, and vocabulary skills. The gift of reading creates such a special bond between parent and child and Bookroo makes that even easier now.

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