Thursday, May 19, 2016

Bath Time Essentials

A good hair+body wash, and body lotion are hard to come by these days. We are finding out that a lot of brands we used to trust and love are not exactly what we thought they were. Tubby Todd products are absolutely amazing! Every ingredient is cleanly sourced, animal cruelty free and 100% natural. What's not to love?! They have many other products that aid in extremely sensitive skin as well.

We just recently got the Skip Hop 'Moby' Bath Spout Cover and I am wishing I would have gotten it sooner! It is so nice not having to worry about my baby's precious little head knocking up against the hard spout...because we all know bath time can get a little crazy!

We also just recently got the Skip Hop 'Moby' Waterfall Rinser because my daughter would no longer sit still when trying to rinse her hair. With this, her head can either be positioned straight or tipped back and the soapy water doesn't get in her eyes. We tried out another brand prior to this one and had to return it because it just didn't do the job.

There are countless numbers of bath toys out there but one that I think every household should have are bath books! This adorable Barnyard Bath! is educational and fun for little ones!

Something that is so obvious and is put on every baby registry, is a Hooded Towel. The first hooded towels I received for my daughter were ones off of my registry. I didn't even realize, until I used them, how extremely thin they were. I went on the hunt for some thicker baby/toddler hooded towels but couldn't find any. She finally received this towel as a gift later on and I was so thankful for it. Super soft and very thick! The perfect towel since it is far from small. She got the towel when she was 6 months old and still uses it at almost 2 years.


  1. Hooded towels are the best. We have quite the collection. And bath books are a favorite.

  2. We have the same spout cover and rinser! They are useful and adorable :)
    I didn't know there is a bath book of Barnyard Dance book!!!! Thats amazing. My boys love the book so much and make noises of animals with that book. Ohhh I have to find the Barnyard bath now. Im sure they will love it in the bath too :)


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