Monday, May 16, 2016

5 Ways to Achieve Beautiful Hair

Before getting pregnant, I had long beautiful hair. I owe this to working in a salon. I had everything I needed to achieve perfect hair right at my fingertips. I have slowly learned that while salon products are amazing, there are items that can be purchased at your local convenience store to help with your hair health as well. I have come up with a list of products that I used religiously to gain perfectly healthy hair, even while coloring. I am excited to add these to my daily routine again and get my long healthy hair back.

1. My absolute holy grail hair care product is actually not something you even apply to your hair. Biotin is something I have used for years. I notice a drastic change in my hair when I stop using it. Not only does it make your hair healthier, it makes it grow super fast! You can find this at Walgreen's or at your local convenience store. It is something I recommended to every client that walked in and out of the salon doors

2. We all know that coconut oil can be used for many things other than cooking, well a hair mask is one of them! I take he coconut oil straight from the jar and apply it to my entire head, saturating the ends. I repeat this once a week. It helps smooth my hair, especially those dry ends. (note: some containers of coconut oil are harder than others. In this case, put some in a bowl and add a small amount of water to it. Microwave the mixture for a few seconds to get it to a more workable mixture.)

3. Speaking of dry ends, let's talk about haircuts. I promise your hairstylist isn't just trying to make a quick buck when he/she tells you to come in every 6 weeks. A routine trim actually allows your hair to grow longer than never getting a trim at all. Split ends are a real thing and the longer you let those split ends go, the more damage you are creating. The hair splits naturally at the bottom of the hair shaft. The longer you take to get that trimmed off the further up the hair shaft it moves. This eventually causes it to break (creating shorter hair) but it also makes your hair appear thinner because parts of it are splitting and breaking off. I didn't believe it either but I went from getting trims every 6 weeks to every 4 months and regretted it greatly. I have definitely learned from experience.

4. While we are on the topic of salons, I want to share with you my current favorite hair care line. The hype about professional grade hair care products is a real thing too. You want to look for products that are made with keratin. Keratin is what keeps your hair healthy and over years of sun damage and coloring it, your hair begins lacking keratin too. Color Proof is a line that was introduced to our salon a few years ago and at first try, I hated it. It wasn't until I had actually learned how to use the products properly that I finally fell in love. The thing with this line is that the product goes a long way. I was used to pumping a handful of product into my hands but I have learned by doing that with this product, because it is so concentrated, it just causes major buildup on my scalp. I literally use about a quarter-sized amount and rub it in my hands to suds it up and it's good for my entire head. My hair has never felt healthier after using a shampoo and conditioner. Also, these products have heat-protectant already in them saving you an extra step and an extra dollar!

5. Last but certainly not least is my FREE product of the bunch. Again something we all know, water is amazing for our bodies. It truly is though! I have learned this from experience as well. I notice a major difference in my hair and skin health when I am not drinking enough water so bring your water bottle wherever you go and make it a point to drink more water! It's one easy change to make in your day and did I mention it's FREE?!


  1. This is the second post I've read lately about coconut oil on the hair!! Must try!!!

    1. Thank you for reading! Yes it is a miracle worker!

  2. I need to try coconut oil. We have a few containers of it too. Score! And you need to fill me in on how to get the amazing beach curls. I have tried and failed. Okay maybe I haven't tried that hard. ;)

    1. Coconut oil is so amazing! I literally use it for everything! Beach curls=two day old curls :)

  3. Thank you for the tips! My cousin was actually rubbing coconut oil in her hair the other day and I kind of looked at her funny lol but I need to try it as well as all the other tips!


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