Friday, March 25, 2016

Toddler Approved Green Smoothie

Since our daughter was born, both Trey and I knew we wanted to make a huge effort in being great role models for her. We wanted to show love every day, we wanted to practice patience, and we wanted to pass on healthy eating habits. Fast forward 19 months and we are now being put to the test. Presley is in the copycat stage and she watches our every move. Hence why she will pick up anything that resembles a phone and yell out, “cheese, selfie!”…. She obviously gets that from her father. 

Aside from wanting pictures taken all the time, little miss copycat also needs to try everything that we are eating. We have been making some major changes recently when it comes to healthy eating. We have both always been fairly healthy people and we work out regularly but we are definitely not perfect. We don’t ever sit down to eat with her (what mom ever sits?) but we have started sitting at the table for dinner. We gave up eating out for Lent, including fast food, which we intend to continue. I would never want to feed my daughter greasy, fried food at her age so if I have to pack a lunch for her, I might as well pack one for myself too. I know that from now on, even at 19 months old, she will be saying the things I say, acting how I act, and wanting to eat the things I am eating. Not every day is easy but we have definitely become more cautious of our daily lifestyle. 

One major difference we made since having Presley has been eating a healthy breakfast every single morning. We normally always have eggs or oatmeal but on days that we have to be out of the door before I have a chance to make anything, I blend up a quick green smoothie that Presley loves too! Below I have listed the five ingredients that I throw together and mix up for a delicious breakfast or snack on the go.

 Green Smoothie Recipe:
2c Spinach
7-8 Whole Frozen Strawberries (substitute with any fruit you prefer)
1 Whole Banana
3/4c Vanilla Yogurt
1/2c Bolthouse Farms Juice

**Makes about 2 servings 

The Bolthouse Farms juices add extra flavor and also an easy way to increase your veggies or fruits for the day! Below are the other choices they offer. We try a new one each time and have never been disappointed!


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